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Aux Services d'Entretien Simplicité

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Aux Services D'Entretien Simplicité
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Aux Services d'Entretien Simplicité is a cleaning company specializing in carpet, upholstered furniture and the cleaning of all other surfaces (such as walls, ceilings, floors, first and second level windows, siding, pavement, ect.). 

We have an assortment of specialized cleaning products to effectively remove stubborn stains and we can also apply carpet or furniture protection.

We also offer a regular (weekly, bi-weekly) contracted cleaning service for residential or commercial customers.

We have been working in the residential and commercial areas since 1984.

The side of this carpet has just been cleaned with our powerful extraction system. The force of succion insures not only an indept cleaning but also rapid drying. The cleaning product is formulated to leave no residu thus insuring that your carpets will stay clean longer.

We will work to keep you as a statisfied customer !

We work on the South Shore , the Island of Montreal and the North Shore.